UK49s lottery terms and condition:

Rules & Guidelines

The guidelines below are gathered in consultation with the indulgent business and symbolize the principles you’ll realize in most lotto retailers and shops. However, some bookies rules do vary. you’re thus suggested to ascertain on together with your store or merchandiser before concluding a bet based on your guess.

  • The utmost payout to a client or group/syndicate of shoppers/clients, performing along, the agency who have supported identical blend/combo of decisions together with indulgent from identical supply, is basically as viewed in the shop where the bet was placed on someone’s 49’s draw.
  • 49’s draw bets are accepted up to the official begin time broadcast on SIS.
  • When a regular or named draw is chosen, however, the bet is accepted once the corresponding day’s draw has taken place (if any). Single Bets are planning to be settled on the primary draw to require place once the bet has been accepted, in spite of the draw name or time appointive on the slip.
  • When no draw or an incorrect draw occurs the bet can count for succeeding consecutive draw(s) to require place once the bet has been accepted.
  • When over one draw is chosen, the bets are planning to be settled on succeeding actual named or regular consecutive draws when the bet has been accepted.
  • If for any reason a draw doesn’t occur, bets can represent succeeding offered 49’s draw with shoppers content.
  • 49’s bets could additionally be placed on commonplace gambling slips.
  • All bets are planning to be deemed to get on the ‘6 range Draw’ unless otherwise expressed.
  • 49’s bets won’t qualify for consolations or bonuses if placed on varied specials e.g. ‘Lucky 15s’. whenever the entire numbers square measure chosen exceed 5 on any bet, it’ll be settled as a series of ‘five correct’ bets with the stake doled out.
  • Multiple bets on one/single 49’s draw are accepted. 49’s bets cannot be combined with the other gambling event, nor others is combined in accumulative bets. Illegible or unknown figures are planning to be treated as void with the bet reduced consequently.
  • Odds can apply for the valid numbers solely. Parenthetically, if a game on ‘3 ranges correct’ section contains 2 ranges and a null number, this bet is planning to be settled on the percentages applicable to the “2 numbers correct” section.
  • In ’49’s lotto’ bets whenever under nine numbers chosen, or an incorrect range is chosen, or a similar range is chosen more than once, or wherever figures area unit are not decipherable, bets are planning to be void.
  • In ’49’s lotto’ bets the ‘Booster’ ball doesn’t count. Special bets offered on a “49’s” draw might not be combined with different bets from a similar “49’s” draw.
  • Rules of the individual gambling outlets or merchants can apply to any of the things not included in these rules.


In this article we explain all the terms and conditions about UK49s lottery system. UK 49’s lotto draw takes place two times a day (Teatime and Lunchtime). Lotto balls are marked with numbers ranging from 1-49 which get us Lunchtime Results. The result comes in a format of six numbers with a booster or bonus ball, although some prefer to call it Booster Number.

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